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Model 7TMH

7TMH Subturbine Series

The 7TMH pump series features abrasion and corrosion resistant materials for maximum performance and longevity under the toughest operating conditions, and delivers industry-leading efficiencies and head per stage.

Key Features
  • Discharge – Ductile iron ASTM 536-84: Threaded with large wrench flats and sized for the pump’s flow range
  • Upthrust nut / screw - 304 Stainless Steel: Factory pre-set upthrust screw is retained by a stainless steel locknut, providing maximum upthrust protection.
  • Discharge bearing - Vesconite®: Low friction, no water swell, long life. Specific for water-immersed applications, clean or dirty
  • Shaft - 416 stainless steel: Precision ground and polished for reduced running friction and increased service life
  • Impeller - 304 stainless steel, investment cast: Smooth and efficient performance, long life
  • Bowls - Class 30 cast iron: Heavy-walled construction incorporates precision hydraulic design for maximum efficiency and performance. Coated internal passageways on the 7TMH series increases overall pump efficiency and performance.
  • Isolator bearings - neoprene: Unique design channels abrasives away from the stainless steel shaft bearing journal.
  • Lead guard - 302 stainless steel: Protects the motor leads across the full length of the pump (not shown)
  • Suction bracket - Ductile iron: ASTM 536-84 Available with either 6” or 8” intake adapters. Designed to effectively divert debris away from the spline engagement area, maximizing durability.
  • Suction screen – 304 stainless steel: Form fitted, provides corrosion resistance, and prevents particulates larger than .19” (4.8 mm) from entering the pump (not shown).
  • Sand boot - Buna-N (nitrile rubber): Protects coupling and motor splines from abrasive wear.
  • Motor coupling - 416 stainless steel: Fully machined for positive fit; highly corrosion resistant
Vesconite® is a registered trademark of Virginia Engineering Services (Pty) Limited. Berkeley® and Pentair are registered trademarks of Pentair plc


Shaft, Motor Coupling:  416 Stainless Steel

Bowls:  Class 30 Cast Iron

Impeller, Suction Screen, Upthrust Screw and Nut:  304 Stainless Steel

Lead Guard:  302 Stainless Steel

Ductile Iron:  Motor Bracket, Discharge

Sand Boot:  Buna-N (Nitrile Rubber)

Isolator Bearings:  Neoprene

Discharge Bearing:  Vesconite®