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AquaMatic® Control Valves V42 Metal Diaphragm Series

In addition to the water treatment process systems, AquaMatic® Metal Diaphragm Valves are used in a wide variety of applications, including:


Agricultural Irrigation Air Control Systems
Turf Irrigation Dust Suppression
Air Dryers Plastic Molding
Pump Controls Machinery
Fuel Handling Nitrogen Handling
Cooling Towers Vacuum Control
Level Control Systems Machine Hydraulic
Sand Blasting Cooling Control
Car Wash Systems Street Cleaning Vehicles
Process Water Systems Centrifugal Separators
Laundry Equipment HVAC Systems
Conveyor Systems  


Key Features
  • Low Pressure Loss – Y-pattern diaphragm valve features a large seat opening and high lift-disc for higher flow rates at a lower pressure loss than other comparable valves.
  • Positive Control – Separate valve flow and control chambers permits positive sealing without springs. The optional spring-assist open feature is available for low pressure and self-draining applications.
  • Long Diaphragm Life – Separate diaphragm chambers protects the diaphragm from the flow stream, while allowing the valve to be serviced in-line.
  • Cost Effective – In initial cost as well as lifetime maintenance expenses.
  • Durable Construction – Cast iron, brass, stainless steel and nitrile elastomer components, giving an unparalleled service life of three years or longer depending on the application’s environment.
  • Design and Application Engineering Service
  • Handles Liquid and Gases
  • Adaptable to a Wide Variety of Control Devices


WORKING PRESSURE:  125 psi (8.6 bar)

MAX TEMPERATURE:  150ºF (65ºC) - Optional 250ºF (120ºC)

PIPE SIZES:  3/4" through 3" threaded (NPT or BSP)