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Model FH Series

Shallow Well, Cast Iron Jet Pump

The FH Series Jet Pump provides best-in-class performance for shallow wells up to 25' deep and flows over 20GPM.
Key Features
  • High performance and efficiency with high strength for longevity – Precision molded noryl® impeller with 300 grade stainless insert
  • High performance and efficiency with superior abrasion resistance – Precision molded reinforced polypropylene diffuser, nozzle and venturi
  • Facilitates plumbing of accessories and easy access to nozzle for cleanoutcast iron pump case with 1-1/4" suction and 1" discharge ports, two 1/4" auxiliary pressure ports and cleanout plug
  • Positive alignment between pump case and motorRugged cast iron seal plate
  • Industry standard switch is easily field replaceable – Factory installed Square D pressure switch with fixed 20 pound differential and 1/4" NPT port 
  • Every pump unit is factory tested – Peace of mind for you and your customer
1 year limited warranty


Pump Case:  Close-grained cast iron

Diffuser:  Reinforced Polypropylene

Seal Plate:  Close-grained cast iron

Impeller:  Noryl®

Mechanical Shaft Seal, Type 6:  Buna-N, Carbon, Ceramic, 18-8 stainless steel

Nozzle:  Acetal

Venturi Tube:  Acetal

1⁄4" NPT Pipe Plug:  Zinc plated steel

Mounting Base:  Steel

Owner's Manual: FH Series
Sell Sheet: FH Series