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This product is no longer in production.

High-Pressure Air-Cooled Gas Engine Drive Series

Engine Drive for Mobile Mounting - incorporates a selected group of high-pressure, engine driven units with special design features and operating characteristics. All models produce high pressure-flow characteristics for stable operation. High discharge pressure provide for long hose lays, or steep up-hill pumping situations, with ample residual pressure at nozzle to generate the high velocities required for flat stream trajectory and effective penetration. The flow rate ranges accommodate the several truck size installations most commonly used in the field.

Key Features
  • Cast iron pump case, bracket and speed increaser housing
  • Hydraulically-balanced bronze impeller
  • Integral shaft and double-row bearing assembly is sealed and lubricated for life
  • Mechanical shaft seal installed in a low-pressure chamber that reduces seal face load and increases seal life
  • Timing belt drive increases pump speed - requires no lubrication

12 months from date of original installation, 18 months from date of manufacture



Owner's Manual: Engine Driven High-Pressure Pump