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SN Series ProJet Shallow Well Jet Pumps

ProJet SN Series Pumps provide excellent performance with good pressure for wells to 25' deep.  Self-priming after the priming chamber has been filled with water.

Key Features
  • Quality Close-Grained Cast Iron Body Plus Drain Port Provided for Easy Winterizing
  • Built-In LexanTM Jet Nozzle and Venturi for Maximum Resistance to Corrosion and Abrasion
  • Clean Out Plug Provided for Ease of Service
  • NORYL® Impeller is Precision Molded  for Perfect Balance ... Ultra-Smooth for Highest Performance and Efficiency
  • Precision Molded Diffuser Means Pump Primes Faster, Handles More Air with Multi-Port, Precision Molded, Reinforced Polypropylene Diffuser
  • Carbon-Ceramic Mechanical Shaft Seal with Stainless Steel Parts
  • Superior Insulation Materials Protect Motor Windings Against Excessive Moisture and Contamination
  • Balanced Rotor Is Die Cast Under High Pressures and Dynamically Balanced for Uniform Performance and Greater Efficiency
  • Heavy Duty Ball Bearings are Shielded and Permanently Lubricated to Provide  Extended Life and Smooth Quiet Operation
  • Stainless Steel Pump and Motor Shaft for Maximum Corrosion Resistance.  One-Piece Threaded Shaft for Positive Impeller Drive and Alignment
  • Dustproof Cover  Protects All Electrical Components from Dirt, Dust, and Insects ;  Ventilating Air Cannot Contaminate Vital Switching Components
  • Professional Quality Pressure Switch Has Adjustable Cut-In with Fixed Differential of 20 PSI

12 months from date of original installation, or 18 months from date of manufacture



MAX INLET PRESSURE:  140 degrees F (60 degrees C)


PRIMING TIME @ 15':  1.1 to 2.3 Minutes (depending upon model)

PRIMING TIME @ 25':  2.6 to 6.4 Minutes (depending upon model)

BODY:  Close-Grained Cast Iron

NOZZLE:  High Strength Lexan®

VENTURI:  Lexan®


DIFFUSER:  Reinforced Polypropylene

SHAFT:  One-Piece Threaded, 416 Stainless Steel

BASE:  Steel, 10 gauge

:  . . . . Lexan® and Noryl® are registered trademarks of SABIC INNOVATIVE PLASTICS IP B.V

Owner's Manual: SN, HN
Instructions: Pressure Switch Adjustment
Sell Sheet